Who can apply and how are fellows selected?

To be eligible for the IMAGINE Fellowship, applicant needs to
(i) be a medical doctor with a specific interest in inflammation and imaging,
(ii) be no more than 40 years of age and
(iii) plan to devote 100% of professional time to research during the fellowship year

Applications will be reviewed by the IMAGINE Committee, which is composed by the Steering Committees and the Scientific Board. In their evaluations, the I M A G I N E Committee will consider:

  • Scientific quality of the research project, which has to be submitted together with the applicants CV to the IMAGINE office via the application form.
  • Qualifications of the applicant, including the applicant’s research experience and training, and evidence of her/his commitment to a career in imaging research
  • Evidence of the applicant’s interest, initiative and ability to conduct original research in imaging
  • Previous research experience including fellowships, awards or prizes
  • Original research papers published or presentations at scientific meetings