Conditions of the Fellowship

Each fellowship comprises 50.000 Euro. The duration of each fellowship is 12 months. The research project should start within 6 months after granting the fellowship.

Use of funding 

This award is intended to be the fellow’s primary salary support, equivalent to the usual and customary salaries of individuals in comparable positions at the host institution, and will also include travel costs. The host institution is responsible for providing the fellow the respective research environment. i.e. the capacity to perform high level research in imaging inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

Final report

Each fellow must submit a final report to the IMAGINE Committee at the end of the fellowship, presenting the results of her/his research project and her/his future plans.


All publications (as well as abstracts of presentations at scientific meetings) that result from a project supported by this IMAGINE Fellowship must carry the following acknowledgement: „This research was conducted while (name of fellow) was an IMAGINE Fellow.“


Project applications will need to be send to the IMAGINE Office via the application form  by December 1st, 2016.